Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Pirita needs your help now!

Big changes coming ahead..

It is official that I'm soon moving to Edinburgh for at least nine months.
I'm now just coming back from a quick trip to there and back. I went to arrange things and went for one audititon.  Have to say that before this trip my mind was not so set on this big change, mut now finding really great place to live and met great new friends. I feel so HAPPY. :)

But of course getting something new you have to give something up. I have sold my home and nearly all my stuff that I could go. Because of course when I leave from Oulu and my super staff will take care of Cross Move Company, the costs will rise alot. Even that I'm working one day from a week for my Company I cant get paid.. And After getting many founding decicions back; Hey We are sorry but this time you didn't get the founding.... I started to think how can I devolope me that even After next 5 years I have the passion to devolope my students and Company and me... So My friend told me about this crowdfounding.

Now I have it and still one month to go. Now I'm asking you all to help me go to Skoland and devolope me so I have in future also something to give.

Read more about this from here: https://mesenaatti.me/en/uusia-tuulia-tuiskulle-skotlannista/
And see the great video https://youtu.be/JPpMsUogZGk

There you can get a t-shirt example. :)

Writing soon.

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