Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Working on new project

"The time goes fast."

That phase I hear myself saying many times. I often find myself drowning at the Company´s work, too focused on running the school. Now this five years that I have been entrepreneur, I feel that it is also very easy to get lost in the big job of being the head teacher and other teachers boss and running the school. I many times just try to stop and woke up  from my own bubble and see what is outside happening also, and of course focus on other thing in life that keeps me going like friends, family, training just for me and  just being.

Most important thing is to just take the time to yourself. And for me that is the time of from the Company and doing also my own artistic works. I have realized that keeps me sane.

This day has been all about me and my new project. To day my topic was hurt body, hurt mind. Many times when accidents happens you try to fix your body by training it. But why we doin´t first try to get help for the mind and get better from inside? Example you have hurt your some body part really bad, and need to have surgery. After surgery we first then start training the body part, and we train it and train. But soon you will notice that you need to also trust it to work again, and then starts the training for the mind.

So this has now being my new project first topic. And I have to say this day of improvisation I felt really good still going so deeply inside on the feelings and how everything feels. It was healing.

What a great working day!

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