Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Start on my residency in Edinburgh Dance Base

First time in Edinburgh

It took me a two months really to get in my head, that in June I will travel in Edinburgh. :)
It was just so hard to believe that I will have the time just for working one thing, on my new dance performance. Now for three years I have been 24/7 multitasking worker; dance company owner, producer, dance teacher, dance artist, cleaner and many more. Now for two and half weeks I have just one thing: working as a dance artist.  It feels like holiday!

I arrived here in Sunday evening it was already very late so mostly I was tired from traveling. But the first feeling from the city and the people was good. The Dance Base people were so great that they had already pre-ordered taxi for me to my new "home". So now stress of finding the place at the late evening. The people in Dance Base are so great! Really helpful and warm hearted! And  the apartment were I´m staying is like my other dream home were I could live. Really beautiful house, and the women who gave me the keys said that this part of Edinburgh lives wealthy people... Hahhahah.. :D

First two days has been really getting to know the city and interviewing people for my performance.
It is really big city and here are lots of tourists, that little bit have made the interviewing´s harder. Because they doin´t want to give interviews and some didn´t even speak good english. But I have really got to know the best places where to interview and I have been talking with people from Edinburgh, Latvia, London and many more. Also really funny thing happened with one interview, he does a lot contact impro, and he told me that at on Sunday they have this jam in Dance Base.. Crazy right.. So on this Sunday I try to go there also. :) I have now lot´s of interview material for me to work on.

Also when I was doing one interview one guy started the street performance (I think he was called) Great Scotty.. And he asked me to help him at the show... So of course I helped him. I have now the feeling that you never now were you can find you´re self next time when walk throw busy streets at Edinburgh.

Today I also did the professional morning class with Matthew Hawkins. It was good contemporary class. And this evening I went also in Bollywood class, they have it in Dance Base. It has been nearly five years that I have been in somebody else´s Bollywood class! And it was great fun! :)

Tomorrow working at the studio... Write soon of the working process.

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