Sunday, 14 June 2015

First week in residency

First week behind and it had been so inspiring to work at new piece. First two days I did lots interviews at the streets and in Dance Base. I also tried to get know the city... Many times got lost, that was good for myof research also. But thank god I have good memory where I came from.. But it is really easy to get lost in Edinburgh, because they have the city in different layers. 

The weather and film festival
The weather was at first really hot and sunny! It was nice to work also at the gardens. Then on Friday it became colder like in Finland. Now it is really sunny and warm, but also cloudy and I feel that ut can change quickly. Despite the weather I went still to the outdoor movie festival watching great movies like Life of  Pi and Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory (the original one). Umba Lumbas are the best!

Dancing and yoga

I have also done company classes in Dance Base and evening classes like Bollywood and Afro Cuban class, It has been great! At Thursday I also taught a company class, we did contemporary dance mostly of the floorwork. They were really great energy in the class. So I have been dancing and walking a lot and my legs was shouting that "we need aerial yoga". So I went this place called Meadowlark Yoga. And did their Aerial yoga class. Oh my... The place was really the best ever and the teacher was also! After the class my legs were shouting " We wanna do splits on the road". And then I.... Well.. almost did it. But I said to them "guys save the energy for the studio time".  Good that I said that.. In the last few hours working I found really loose legs going every were


So now on the piece To Drown, it´s about drowning yourself of feelings, losses and motions. Drown into all the "bad" things that has happened to you. How it all changes you? From January I have been working in Finland one part of the piece which is about the injuries and now in Edinburgh residency I´m working the other part of the piece which is about loosing a close person in your life. First two days I did interviews about it and whit that material I started to work on the piece. I took four of the interviews and wrote it down on the papers. Then I started working on the raw material. I will write on that in my next blogging next week.

Lovely Sunday
On my interviews I met this guy who told me that in Dance Base in Improv class in Sunday. So today I went there and it was great! It was so soft and at the same time speedy movement with influenced by everyone in class. It was really great day improv jam with great people and cellist. Thank´sSkye Redolds and others! #lovelysunday
JOJO´s t-shirt also with mee in the class, marketing done! :D

Next week more working throw interviews, dancing and yoga.

Working process showing in Dance Base Company showing on Friday 19.6. at 5 pm.

Feeling good and ready for next week :)
 Blogging soon -Pirita

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