Friday, 19 June 2015

Second week in Edinburgh

More dancing, more aerial yoga and working

It has now been my second week in the residency and everything feels like home.
This week the weather has been more like in Finland, cold. But still most of the time really bright and of course it has been raining, but not so much that you would have thought.

I have done many company classes and also in evenings aerial yoga @ Meadowlark yoga and Bollywood and Afro Cuban classes @ Dance Base. I have met really nice people and I have had lots of fun in the classes.

I have had also good sessions in studio, working on the piece. First I started in studio with the interview material, so I wrote three main areas in three different papers. I first went around the studio and tried to find the right place for every interview paper.
After finding the right place I just walk around and read the interviews again. Just going with feeling or with some words or how it felt for me. And then started do improv throw that feeling, words or what came to me from that paper.

After that came five really different elements/parts. This week I have started to go deeper into those elements/parts. The parts have now gone really far already. Lots of sweat, tiers, weary body, has put into the working process. But also I have laughed so hard that my abs knows it. That was at first really weird for me, that I work on piece that is really intense (because it is something really personal also) I go really crazy and I most of time I have laughed so hard that I couldn´t stop it. :D

Today I did pre-showing for some of the Dance Base people and tomorrow is the Company showing. So anyone can come and watch what I have done.

I really got a good feedback today! Can´t wait tomorrow and next weeks Cottier Dance Project  Watch this space performance, where I do 10 minutes from the whole 20 minutes that I showed today and show tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also really emotional day.. <3 Telling you more later.

And in Finland starts the midsummer celebration, so good midsummer celebration for everyone in Finland!

Hyvää Juhannusta Suomeen!

And Blogging to you later this week.


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