Monday, 22 June 2015

Tomorrow is the perfomance in Cottier Theater

I had lovely weekend at working the piece and visiting Glasgow.

Everything I have done in now two weeks with the new piece, came together for 24 minutes small working process performance. And for the Cottier Theater Watch this space I have only 10 minutes. Iiikk.. :) I still wanna show in there what I have been doing and cutting everything in half is going to be interesting... But I got it done.. Now I´m just little bit nervous how it feels for the audience. But we will see that tomorrow. :)

Sunday I went to visit Glasgow. First in Glasgow contact impro jam. In was really great, there were lots of people! It was really nice three hours. That really got be this feeling that we have to this also in Oulu. And it will be my first task in there when I get back, start organizing it!

After the jam I went to see a performance in Cottier Theater Lauda Adrianna by Stephen Pelton Dance Theater with the Gavin Bryars Ensemble. It was really beautiful live music and really talented dancers, It was also great to see the venue before my own performance. The Cottier theater it´s an old church, what has been change into a theater. It is really beautiful space. And I feel so good that I have the change also perform there.

Today was my day off. And I felt sad going last time in Dance Base and saying everyone goodbye. And it was even sadder to start packing and cleaning the apartment. Tomorrow I will be the whole day in Glasgow and really early in the Wednesday I´m leaving. So everything had to be done today. But I have a good feeling that I will come back here again. ;)

P.s. I have to say, I have been cleaning with many different machines but never with this kind! It looks like vacuum from 70´s hahahahha.... Well job well done so no complaining. :)

And this stair I have been walk up and down two weeks. It has good warm up before morning classes. :)

Blogging you soon about how the performances went. 

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